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  • While I am an active person, I wasn't in proper or healthy shape. Spencer designed both a workout and menu plans for me. My initial goal was just to feel better and tighten up the muscles. But as I worked with Spencer I was seeing the results pretty quickly. That gave me incentive to come up with a long wished goal. To compete in a mud run. I started working out in October and was in the best shape of my life by May. I was able to complete a 12 mile and 30 obstacle mud run! It is something I will always be proud of. I thank Spencer and The Fitness Police for giving me the education on eating properly and exercises to keep my body in top shape!
                                                                                 Tammy C, Hugo MN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Expert training by someone who actually is extremely fit himself. Kind yet butt kickin. Affordable and convenient. Spencer will come to you!! You will learn so much and enjoy your results. Worth every minute and every penny.                                                                                                         
                                                                                                    Susan L, Minneapolis, MN

  • Spencer has been my personal trainer for 10 years. I have to say he has changed my life for the better 100%! Some of the most important benefits I've gained over the years are improved self-confidence and self-esteem, going from a pretty shy-timid person to one that is over-the-top social butterfly, my physical strength and endurance have increased, and these are just a few of the incredible things I've gained over those 10 years. As a person with a life-long disability, I always liked to be active, but my physical limitations limited what I could participate in. Spencer agreed to take me on as his client when so many others had rejected me out of their own fears/intimidations they had about working with someone who is physically challenged. I love Spencer for his tough workouts, not babying or feeling sorry for me, and the emotional support he gives me. He always makes himself available to me. His workouts for me are challenging and he mixes them up so that I never get bored with them. Spencer's attitude is always positive and he gives helpful feedback about how you're doing and he is great at giving compliments. He is also a fantastic motivator. I plan on having Spencer as my personal trainer for the next 10 years and beyond. I'm excited to see how much better I can get and what the future holds as I grow into a better person, both physically and emotionally. I am privileged and blessed to have Spencer as my trainer and my friend. Thanks Spencer...we've come a long way - you're my hero! I highly recommend Spencer as your future personal trainer...you won't  be disappointed!
                                                                     Lori T, Vadnais Heights, MN
  • Spencer is an amazing, dynamic, extraordinary, phenomenal and highly motivated personal trainer that has been pivotal in changing my life!!!I began training with Spencer Sept-2006.  I was in very dire straits then, even though I had managed to work my way back into the gym from brain damage and essentially being paralyzed from full body neuropathy since Jan-2005.  I was not sleeping nights since I was experiencing deep knee pain.  I knew it was time to get myself back into the gym and work on deep muscle leg strength to minimize that pain.  Spencer was there and he was quite a sight for sore eyes.  He had helped me long ago with knee rehab to get me back out downhill skiing, playing volleyball and tennis again.  This time though, my journey was far more serious.My Doctors thought it was too soon for me to be doing intense work outs with Spencer.  We both knew better.  I was in tears when I saw him working again in the same gym that I was training in.  I heard him say through my tears that he was going to get me through things and I firmly believed, finally, that was going to be that case.My comeback has been fraught with injury and passing out about 4 times a session in the beginning. I was not eating enough.  I still had not regained the ability to taste and swallow, but he was very quick to pointout that I needed to work hard to eat 1200 healthy calories a day.  This was a challenge for me, but before I knew it I actually dropped 15 pounds, I was sleeping, eating, walking, talking and functioning miraculously better within a few months and I was a renewed person again. Some of  Spencer's clients are long term.  I am one of them.  For me, some very major things were to come along: a blood clot, separating and divorcing and realizing that I had been married and abused by an addict. Kick boxing, defense moves and healthy mental strategies are the best thing a gal needs to learn through such hard life chapters.  I had no idea that I was already signed up with such a strong and great advocate to help me through such a journey.  I will forever be grateful that he happened to be there in for me when I needed  help getting back into shape and out of such horrendous life situations.
                                                                                   Liz B, Saint Paul, MN 
  • I am in my third month working with Spencer Tilmon and I am extremely pleased with my results. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but I am completely impressed with Spencer. His dedication and personal attention have made the difference. He is knowledgeable and the routines we started with have been perfect for my level. With his guidance I have quickly made progress, gotten firmer, reduced body fat and inches. I feel stronger, more confident and energetic. Spencer has supported my commitment all the way. His balanced approach really is effective. I recommend Spencer to anyone interested in getting physically fit. I feel healthier personally and I couldn't be happier with my experience with Spencer.
                                                                           Paul E, Woodbury , MN
  • I called Spencer & The Fitness Police just before my 46th birthday telling him I needed help. I needed to lose weight because I wasn't feeling good about myself and definitely not happy what I was seeing in the mirror each and everyday. I had went from 125 pounds to 180 pounds. My eating habits sucked. I was drinking 3-4 gallons of milk a week, eating large pizza's in one sitting by myself, and drinking a lot of my favorite beer. I knew at this point of my life that was not where I wanted  to be. Obese that is.
          I have been training with Spencer for 15 months now. I have not only
          lost 57 pounds, but I also lowered my body fat composition more
          than half (40% to 18%). I am now a proud weight of 123 pounds.
          "Yes!" feel better about myself and I don't mind looking in the      
          mirror these days. My confidence level has changed dramatically too.
          Spencer has his way of getting the job done by telling you like it is. He
          knows the right buttons to push. There is no sugar coating or telling 
          you what you want to hear, but yet he is compassionate and a good
          Spencer is more than just a trainer. He's a teacher. Not only does   
          Spencer want you to meet your physical goals, but also he 
          wants you to have the knowledge to continue to apply it each and
          I would highly recommend Spencer (The Fitness Police) to anyone 
          who is serious about changing their lifestyle, especially if you are in  
          the state I  was. "Make the call!"
                                                                Shannon R, Minneapolis, MN  
  • I am just completing my fourth set of 10 personal training sessions with Spencer Tilmon. Through the course of these sessions, I have lost 15 pounds. I also have seen dramatic improvement in my body composition, strength and stamina.
          I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am 
          with Spencer's knowledge, professionalism, and motivational 
          To high-light some of those areas where I think Spencer is
          Knowledge. His many years in the fitness industry has given Spencer 
          a thorough knowledge of physiology, nutrition, and exercise.
          Communication. He does a very good job of explaining how to do a 
          particular exercise or the use of a particular piece of equipment. He 
          explains things in a way that is easy to understand and easy to
          remember. Motivation. I'm 46 years old and Spencer had me working
          far harder than I ever thought I could. With his positive attitude, he
         doesn't see my limitations and soon I don't see them either. Every
         session we had he would get me to do things I wouldn't have thought  
         to do on my own. So if you are looking to be pushed, he is your man.
         I would highly recommend Spencer (The Fitness Police) to any of my 
         friends or anyone who is considering personal training. He's top notch.
                                                                                 Joe L, Saint Paul, MN 
  • It should be known that it has been a year that I have been participating in a exercise program provided by Mr. Spencer Tilmon in relation to my body's physical strength. When I started the designed fitness program I weighed 228 pounds. It is now 6 months later and I am now at the proud weight of 189 pounds. I am 5'8" inches tall and I feel as though my current weight corresponds with my desirable height. I feel so much better about myself again. My confidence in Spencer (The Fitness Police) is overwhelming, since I bear witness to the success of his fitness programs. Hence I will not hesitate to share this with you or those who may be interested in joining his regiment in the future.
                                                                     Frank W, Minneapolis, MN
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